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Welcome to Lifemates Canada, a premier dating service in Canada. We specialize in offering the best dating service to busy singles in the country. Apart from finding their best match, we also arrange special dates at some of the most posh restaurants in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. Here’s our story…

Dating AI

Futuristic Dating AI, which allows you to search for the soul mate who most resembles our favorite actor or singer, based on an image-based facial comparison algorithm: the dream of every little girl who has had a crush on her idol famous, in short. But potentially useful for protecting yourself from catfish-like inconveniences, as it’s easy to use someone else’s identity in an online dating world. Here you can feabie sign in.

In this regard, perhaps with a bit of implicit sexism, many apps have decided to put decision-making power completely in the hands of women: this is the case with Bumble, for example, which stands as the anti-intrusive online dating tool for the fair sex. But if these apps remind you of shopping at the supermarket, there are also those who have staked everything on the “quality” of the proposed encounters and on uniqueness instead of quantity, like Once, which offers a match (and only one!) specially chosen a day, perfect example of slow-dating.

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Lifemates Canada has many years of experience catering to the varied requirements of busy professionals who often find it difficult to spice up their romantic lives. Our professional help will add a new zing to your otherwise monotonous life. After matching your profile Lifemates Canada will do everything to ensure that you get to enjoy a fun filled evening with a likeminded person. To get started, all you have to do is give us a call and tell us what exactly you are looking for. This information is highly confidential and we assure you that we will not divulge it under any circumstance. Based on the information that you provide us, we will match your profile and find you the best match who will spend a lovely evening with you at a cozy restaurant over lunch or dinner.

Lifemates Canada is aware that busy singles in the country often have a tough time balancing their professional life with their personal commitments. So, to give our clients value for their money we do everything from the scratch to make their date a success. We have tied up with some of the most well known restaurants in various cities where we book tables for two and make necessary arrangements. The date is finalized as per mutual convenience. So you don’t have to put your important work aside to enjoy a special evening with a great match.

So what are you waiting for? Just give Lifemates Canada a call and reserve a beautiful evening with romance, fun and adventure.