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Lifemates Dating Service

Lifemates Canada is a fast growing professional dating service provider in Canada. Currently serving in 10 different cities in the country, the company has a long list of clients who consider it to be the best in the industry. The company was set up with the objective of providing dating services to busy professionals who do not have the time or energies to plan out their dates. The company soon realized that there was a large section of busy singles that was looking for dating services that could spice up their romantic lives and rekindle romance. With its professional approach and a dedicated team of professionals, Lifemates Canada soon emerged as the most trusted brand in the business of dating services.

Today, the company has won the trust of millions of busy consumers who can’t thank it enough for boosting their chances at romance. All this has been possible because the Lifemates dating service has never compromised on one fundamental aspect of business – quality. The high standards maintained at Lifemates Canada have helped it to grow clients on a regular basis.

Simplicity, ease and proper planning are the pillars that support the Lifemates Canada dating service. As soon as the clients give us a call, our team springs into action. The first stage involves proper evaluation of the client profile. This stage is important because the team matches the profile with hundreds of other profiles in the database. The client is then informed about his match and provided necessary details about the date. On the basis of mutual convenience, the day for the special evening is finalized. The team reserves tables for two at any of our partner restaurants.

After the date, our team gets in touch with our clients and seeks their views and feedback on the quality of service and it gives us immense pleasure when happy clients come to us to thank us for all our assistance.

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