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“When I shifted to Montreal last year after breaking up with my boyfriend I thought I’d give myself some time to put things back into perspective. As an escape from all those thoughts about my boyfriend and our break up I decided to concentrate on my career. Initially, everything seemed perfect. I had a good job, my boss was extremely supportive and I was earning quite well to support myself. But I knew there was something that I was missing out on. My friends told me that I should go out on dates more often. I decided to take their advice and contact Lifemates Canada, a premier dating service. After discussing what all I was looking for in my date, the folks at Lifemates told me that I will hear from them soon. 4 days later I was informed about my date. To my utter surprise, everything went off perfectly well. My match for the evening was a cute guy who made me laugh after ages. All I can say is that if you are also looking for a wonderful evening with someone special, Lifemates Canada is the best option available.”

– A Lifemates Review by Sarah from Montreal

“Last month my best friend Renee told me about her engagement. I was really surprised to learn that she met her fiancé through a dating service because I have never really given these dating service reviews much thought. But Renee told me that her life changed after she contacted Lifemates Canada. Prompted by what all I got to hear from her about the dating service I thought of trying it out myself. So, I took the number and gave a call the following morning. Within a week, I received a call from them. Though I was a little worried about the entire thing my date turned out to be the most memorable evening of my life. It has been a little over 4 months since that special evening and I am now happily engaged to the guy I met that day. Thank you, Lifemates Canada!”

– A Lifemates Review by Amber from Calgary

“Lifemates Canada has shattered several myths regarding dating services in the country. It has helped busy professionals like me to meet new people, have interesting conversations and add romance in their lives. I am really impressed with Lifemates because I have got to meet some amazing guys through it. Unlike other dating services that fix your date with some random guy, Lifemates Canada actually makes an effort to match your profile properly. So, your dates are always special. I wish Lifemates Canada all the best in all their endeavors and happy to send this to add to your reviews page.”

– A Lifemates Review by Diane from Toronto

“When it comes to choosing a dating service provider, I always look for professionalism and expertise in catering to busy singles like me. I have heard stories from my friends about their horrid dating experiences and I can’t afford to waste my time on something that is just not worth the money I am going to spend. Selecting Lifemates Canada was therefore an easier decision because all my close friends have tried it and have found great people on their dates. As for me, I have found my soul mate Pat through it and I can vouch for the excellent service provided by Lifemates Canada. Great service at the right price!”

– A Lifemates Review by Joan from Calgary

“My life has come to a full circle after I decided to join Lifemates Canada. Although dating is considered a very casual affair, the folks at Lifemates Canada make sure that everything goes as promised. Apart from giving them a call I haven’t had anything else to do to make my evening special. Everything is organized from the scratch and the entire experience is worth the money you spend. Highly recommended!”

– A Lifemates Review by Barry from Hamilton

“I met my current girlfriend Gena through Lifemates Canada. The two of us hit it off almost instantly. As we discussed music, art and food over our date we realized that we had quite a few things in common. We spent the evening at a plush restaurant where the tables were reserved for us in advance. The ambience helped us to know each other well and we can’t thank the guys at Lifemates Canada enough for bringing us together. If you are also looking for a wonderful evening with someone special, Lifemates Canada is the one for you.”

– A Lifemates Review by Tim from Vancouver

“Before turning to Lifemates Canada I had a few doubts about these dating services that claim to find you your best match. My friends however, told me that Lifemates Canada is indeed different from the rest in the business. I heard some great Lifemates reviews from them and decided to give this dating service a try. Before calling them up I had expected a long round of questions and answers about my preferences and interests. However, the guys at Lifemates asked me only a few relevant questions and promised to set up a wonderful evening for me. I have to say that these folks have a very professional approach to help busy singles like me. What amazes me further is the fact that everything is planned promptly. I recommend Lifemates Canada to everyone.”

– A Lifemates Review by Joseph from Winnipeg

“The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Lifemates Canada is perfection. I can’t think of any other dating service provider who can offer complete dating service to all clients. The folks at Lifemates come with several years of experience and it shows when you approach them. They take necessary information from you and set up your date without wasting much time. I have to also mention the choice of venues for your special evening. These folks have tied up with some of the best restaurants in town and you can surely look forward to a great evening. I would like to congratulate Lifemates Canada for becoming the best dating service in the country. Please add this to your list of reviews on your site.”

– A Lifemates Review by Eric from Edmonton

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