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When we set up our Lifemates branch in London we thought we will meet young professionals in the age group of 20-30. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see the enthusiasm of single men and women in their middle ages approaching us for help. This has made our journey really interesting and exciting because we know that our clients belong to different age groups and have different requirements that call for special attention. We are proud of the fact that our Lifemates London team has taken up the challenge quite well and our clients are indeed quite happy with our work.

It has not taken us a very long time to understand why our Lifemates London clients want a professional dating service. We have therefore maintained the best standards when it comes to serving our consumers and reaching out to them. At present, we are considered as one of the best dating service providers in London and everyday we receive hundreds of calls from clients who call us for our specialized assistance. Motivated by the trust that our clients have shown in us we are looking forward to making our services more customer friendly. So if you live in London and want some fun in your romantic life, just dial Lifemates Canada.

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